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Plant Replay has been in operation at multiple sites since June 2015. We are now making it available to anyone who may wish to use it.

Licensing is on a similar basis to that of other Ignition components – Plant Replay will always work as a two hour trial, but runs permanently only if a license has been purchased. Licenses cost US$1000 per server, US$500 for the second server in a redundant configuration. Plant Replay is available now for Ignition 7.8 and 7.9. We are not intending to cater for earlier releases of Ignition, but will issue updates to match all future releases. An upgrade of a site to a newer major release of Plant Replay costs US$100, minor releases will install without a license change.

As you install Plant Replay you will be asked to accept the standard “Module User Agreement” which was written by Inductive. In addition, before you use it at a site you probably need to think about who we are, and how committed we are likely to be to Plant Replay and to supporting Plant Replay users in the years ahead.

Tamaki has been in business since 1988. We are primarily automation System Integrators, and have not attempted to sell or support a product before this. It is therefore entirely likely that we underestimate the difficulty of doing so. Plant Replay is however already running at a number of sites, so in any case we are committed to maintaining it and updating it for future releases of Ignition. The only additional decision is whether to release it to users who are not Tamaki customers.

We have made that decision, and will not go back on it.

If you are an automation Systems Integrator, you then have the choice of believing this and using our Plant Replay, or of attempting to create your own. It is obviously not impossible to do so but you can short-circuit two years of pain by using ours. And let’s be honest, if three years down the line you find that Plant Replay isn’t being developed as you wish and you feel that you can do better, you always can.

If you are a site, the decision is more simple – there is nothing to lose by trialing Plant Replay to see if it could be useful to you.

Our hope is that lots of engineers will trial and then use Plant Replay, and that as they do so they will tell us what they need, what they like and what they don’t, and that knowing this will enable us to keep making Plant Replay better for everyone. In the meantime, you probably haven’t anything to lose by downloading a file and trying it out, so if the above seems fair to you and you won’t mind us contacting you to ask how it is going, give us your name and your email below, and take the files you need.

If you have any questions, need more information, or have ideas for us, email: